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Energy Application Technology,a decisive breakthrough to establish a new international standard!
Low Carbon Society will certainly be realized by all the wisdom of mankind.  Renewable energy as well as Electric Vehicles, operating on electricity generated with renewable energy, will become essential for mankind and rapidly spread globally.  In order to expedite realization of Low Carbon Society, we, Institute for Energy Application Technologies Co. Ltd., have developed a first-in-the-world New Pumped Storage Power Generation System and EV Rapid Charging System.  We anticipate to utilize our leading edge technology in full toward providing effective solutions in the near future.

EV Rapid Charging PUREDC

This system is capable of ultra-rapid charging of many Electric Vehicles (EVs) by single set of equipment [EVs are charged to their full battery capacity in 5 minutes].  This system stores electric power, generated by renewable energy sources such as solar cells, in the batteries of large capacity: the accumulated electric power is utilized for simultaneous ultra rapid-charging of multiple EVs with different charging characteristics.Learn more.
New Pumped Storage Power Generation

The velocity energy of water stream or ocean current is converted to pressure energy, and pressurized water is then used to drive high-head waterwheels that achieve stable electric power generation.  Large bulk of seawater is pumped up, and pumped-up seawater is utilized for desalination, hydrogen generation, rare earth element collection, cultivated fisheries, etc.Learn more.